A house sale may require an appraiser. A house appraisal can be expensive and you may have to pay.

An appraisal may not be necessary. Is it really necessary to obtain an appraisal to buy a house? The lender usually orders it. It is usually included in your closing costs.

What are appraisals? And why are they so important.

What is it like to be an appraiser?

The appraiser’s job, in short, is to prevent a buyer buying a home that is too expensive.

This prevents banks from giving loans to buyers who might stop making their mortgage payments.

It is crucial to appraise

The bank can seize the collateral (house) if the buyer borrows money but fails to pay their monthly mortgage payment. The bank or lender can’t recover any losses if the amount of the loan exceeds the property value.

What is the best way for an appraiser to assess the home’s value?

The home’s value is determined by the area’s comparable sales. Appraisers use the term “comparable” when they compare the property’s characteristics to comparable home sales nearby.

These include square footage, bedroom/bathroom counts, lot size and the crucial “location”.

Appraisals can be difficult

One neighborhood can have many different types of homes. Even though all homes may be identical, it is possible that there are low turnover areas. Because not enough homes have been sold, this is because there’s no clear market price.

Why is it important that you work with an experienced agent in real estate?

Appraisals can cost from $450 up to $600. This is an expense that all buyers must pay regardless of whether the home has been purchased. You then find out that the home costs 50k more than its market value.

This combined with a $200-250 inspection will demonstrate why an agent performing CMAs before you submit your offer can be so beneficial.