Appraisers deal with record-breaking refinance volumes as well as high purchase volumes, even though there are more appraisal waivers.

There’s been an avalanche of work and not enough time for it all. Finding an appraiser who is able to do the job quickly is not easy.

Here are four things you should consider.

1 Expectations Although everyone wants speed, the appraisal process is the most slow. Although some appraisers are more efficient than others the appraisal process is still slow. Appraisers are being required to provide longer reports. Also, there is greater scrutiny once an appraisal has been completed. Appraisers must have realistic expectations. Appraisals today take longer. It is better to order your appraisal sooner than waiting until the last minute.

2 Does the appraiser receive the full appraisal fee? A buyer might pay a lot for an appraiser’s services, but how much do they actually get? Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs) take a percentage of the appraisal fee and then offer a lower fee for appraisers. Sometimes the fee can be skimmed and it could amount to a significant portion of the buyer’s purchase price. An AMC can negotiate fees for several weeks, and no one will say no.

Ask the lender: What percentage of buyer’s fees does the appraiser get? This is the best place for you to start if you don’t already have an appraiser.

3: A rush fee = silver bullet Money speaks, and you can pay a fee to get your business started. Sometimes a higher fee is necessary to reach the top of vendor’s lines. This is not something that I do to make a quick buck. This advice is not for me as I only do private appraisals. If you are having difficulty finding an appraiser to help you with a loan, it is worth paying a rush fee. How much does it cost? While I may have some ideas, the real cost is determined by the market. Let an appraiser determine if you’re interested in the sweet spot.

A friend of a Realtor gave me this advice. According to the AMC, they are not allowed to charge rush fees. My friend suggested that I raise the matter, because it was absurd. After a rush fee had been requested, they found an appraiser and were under pressure to pay. In the unlikely event that the AMC is skimming this, I would like to know the rush fees the appraiser receives.

4) Cherry Picking Easy Stuff: I’ve heard of appraisers refusing difficult assignments because they were easier. For the same salary, why would an appraiser need to be subjected to such detailed scrutiny of complex properties? Your lender will need to find qualified appraisers who are willing to accept your offer or they will have to go elsewhere.