It can be difficult to know what you should look for when looking for a real estate appraiser. Even if your experience is limited in property appraisals or working with properties, it’s possible to make sure that you are choosing the right person by learning the essential traits and qualifications of a New York Real Estate Appraiser.

Find out what you require an appraisal for.

A New York Real Estate Appraiser is needed for many reasons. The most obvious reason is financing. However, an appraisal may be required before you list your property for sale or for estate planning purposes.

Appraisals can be done for divorce, eminent domain and partnership disputes. While all tasks are common in real estate, each task is unique. Although a CMA is often performed by real estate agents, it is not always impartial.

New York Real Estate Appraisers give an impartial opinion on value. They do not want to be paid for a listing. Appraisals can’t be done by anyone, and must only be performed by qualified individuals.

Make sure that they are certified or licensed.

To perform real estate appraisals, ensure that a property appraiser has been licensed or certified by the state. Although state certification and licensing are not always a sign of quality, they do ensure that the individual is competent to appraise property. I

There are two types certified property appraisers at the state level: Certified Residential and Certification General. This would be the minimum license you should consider.

A State-Certified Residential Estate Appraiser is required if you are looking to have a residential property appraised. A State Certified General Appraiser is qualified to value any type of real estate from residential homes to large commercial and industrial properties.

Ask an appraiser to provide a copy of the license. It’s a good idea, once you have a copy of your license, to verify that it is valid and current with the agency that issued it. You can also view the U.S. National Registry to verify that the appraiser is eligible to perform appraisals.

Find out about their professional designations and memberships.

Many excellent real estate appraisers carry a professional designation. The Senior Residential Appraiser and the Member Appraisal institute ( MAI) are two of the most well-known industry designations.

These designations are given by the Appraisal Institution and signify an appraiser’s commitment towards continuing education and high ethical standards.

Ask about their experiences.

Ask about their experience working in the area and property you want to have appraised. New York Real Estate Appraisers who live or do a lot in one area will often have an intimate knowledge of the property values there.

They are also more likely to understand how “neighborhood variables”, such as fire departments and school districts, affect property values.

While years of experience doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a good appraiser, there are some benchmarks that New York Real Estate Appraisers must meet. A good working knowledge and competency usually takes five years.

Refer to others.

You might not know much about a New York Real Estate Appraiser if you only find them through their website. Crowdsourcing people in the industry can prove useful.

Ask any lender, real-estate agent, attorney or accountant if they have ever used an appraiser in the past. While you should still inquire about their qualifications, it is worth looking into the experience of the appraiser.