A short sale is when homeowners sell their home for less than the amount they owe on their mortgage. This can help you avoid foreclosure but it can also be difficult and complicated. It is important to find a professional who has experience in short sales if you are thinking of selling your home. These are five things to consider before you hire a short-sale realtor.

Experience is important

Negotiating with lenders and navigating complicated legal and financial issues are key to short sales. A short-sales expert is vital to your success. Ask potential agents about the number of short sales they have closed and their success rate. You want an agent with a track record of closing short sales.

Communication is key

It can be stressful and long-winded to sell a short property. Therefore, it is important to find a good agent who communicates well. Your agent should be available to answer any questions you may have and keep you informed about the status of your short-sale. Your agent should be responsive and can communicate in a way that is convenient for you.

Marketing is important

Selling any property is a major undertaking, and short sales are no exception. A comprehensive marketing plan should be prepared by your real estate agent to help you attract potential buyers to the property. This plan should include open houses, online listings, and other marketing strategies that will help you quickly sell your property.

Negotiation skills are essential

Your real estate agent’s negotiation skills are often key to the success of a short-sale. To get the best deal possible for you, your agent must be able negotiate with the lender. You should look for an agent with experience in dealing with lenders and skilled at negotiating.

Trust is Vital

A short sale is a difficult and emotional process. It is important to find a trusted real estate agent. Your best interests should be taken into consideration by your agent and they should be willing to help you through the short sale process. You want an honest, transparent agent who puts their clients first.

A short sale is a complicated and difficult process. However, the right agent can make it a smooth one. Look for communication skills, negotiation skills and trustworthiness when hiring a short-sale realtor. These five factors will help you find a professional who can help sell your property quickly through a short sale.