A professional appraiser is required if you plan to sell your house or refinance it. A professional appraiser will assess the property’s current condition and give you a price. No matter what reason you have for getting an appraisal, it is important that the property’s value be shown.

What are the best ways to increase your home’s value? These five home value tips will help you to increase your home’s worth.

Five Home Appraisal Tips

Take a critical look at everything.

While it may be difficult to view your home through the eyes someone might purchase it, it’s important. If you find it difficult to be objective, you can ask a relative or friend to visit your home and be as honest with you as possible.

This should not discourage you.

Your house will inspire you to make changes. Potential buyers will have a different view of your house than you. You can view your house like a buyer instead of a seller. These home appraisal tips will allow you to create a plan or checklist for home valuations that will significantly improve curb appeal.

Many agents and real estate companies offer walkthroughs to other agents prior to listing your property. This can be a great opportunity to meet your neighbors, and get to see the inside of your house.

Follow the $500 Rule

Home values are typically assigned in increments of up to $500. A well-maintained house will make your appraisal more accurate. It’s possible that you overlooked minor repairs that can be made over time, such as replacing carpeting or screens, and painting or touching up paint spots or door knobs. Before you submit your home to an appraisal, it’s worth fixing them. This checklist is useful for home appraisals.

This is not just about preparing your house for sale (see #1 above), but also your estimated value will increase faster than the cost associated with these cosmetic repairs.

Landscaping: Make this a priority

Moving.com found that landscaping can boost the value your home by as much as 10% to 12%. This is according to a Virginia Tech research. To improve curb appeal, it doesn’t require a major overhaul. Simple things like planting small trees and improving your landscape lighting can instantly improve curb appeal. Landscape design is the most important of all five home appraisal tips.

Spending time improving your landscaping will make a good impression on the appraiser. When it comes to appraisals, first impressions are crucial.

Do a Deep Cleaning

If you’re going to do any exterior work, make sure that you clean out the interior. Use your home appraisal checklist for each room. Take note of any possible repairs, and then clean every surface.

You must take care of those corners between your ceilings, and your walls that are often forgotten. A messy home can make your home look less desirable.

Find out what Comps are available in the area

Real estate agents are often involved with the “running comps”, but it is a good idea to be familiar with the values of other nearby homes. You can challenge an appraisal you feel is low if the area has comparables.

Appraisers must use a set guideline when comparing properties to be appraised. You have the right to appeal any appraisals.