Is your curiosity piqued about the market value and appraised value of your home? This could impact the sale or purchase price of your home. This is not an uncommon problem, as the market price of a piece can vary from its appraised value.

A guide has been created that explains how appraised and market values work.

Comparing Market Value and Appraised Value

professional Brooklyn property appraiser assigns the property an appraised price.

Contrary to popular belief, buyers determine the market value of a property. They determine the market value of real estate holdings based on how they feel the property should be priced and, most importantly what they are willing to pay.

What is the Appraised Valuation?

Real estate professionals use both a house appraisal and a home valuation to determine the property’s value. They aren’t the same thing.

Brooklyn licensed real estate appraiser will determine the value of your house. Appraisers are usually employed by the financial institution (bank, credit union). You want to apply for a mortgage loan. An appraisal is basically a property value based on recent sales prices in your area and other factors.

Appraisals are performed to protect lenders against extending loans for homes that are not worth their value.

Be aware, however, that appraisals are usually included in the loan application process.

One scenario that is common for mortgage lending is where the buyer contacts a lender to apply for a mortgage. To calculate the home value, the lender will first ask an interior or exterior licensed professional.

It is a relative measure of the actual value of your home. It is used for calculating the property taxes the government may levy. Appraisals generally require more analysis than tax assessments. This is a critical part of mortgage underwriting.

Bank Appraisal

Although you don’t have the obligation to understand what a home appraise means, it is a must if your property is to be valued.

The mortgage bank appraise refers to a financial lender who has an appraisal of your property. The lender will not loan you more money that the property is worth based on its final appraisal.

A second opinion can be requested if the bank appraisal is lower that the amount you applied.

Tax Appraisal

Tax appraisal instead refers to the value that government tax assessors have given to your property. These assessors work for cities, towns, municipalities, and other local government agencies. They will inspect your property data and visit homes to determine the assessed worth.

When calculating the value of a property, they consider many factors, including historical data, comparative markets analysis, and property inspection findings.

The local and county governments use the assessed values to calculate the property tax that homeowners will need to pay. Property taxes can be used to pay for public services and public works.

The home appraisal will not increase your property taxes. The value of your tax appraisal is determined by the county assessor (who uses a different method).

What is Market Value?

The market value refers to the actual value of your property at the time it is up for sale. Market value is decided by the buyers. It is the amount they will pay to buy the property.

It doesn’t matter what the assessed or appraised values are. Market value doesn’t matter. It is the price buyers pay for your property, as well as the value of your house.

Your home could be valued by the government at a specific amount. However, the bank might value it at another level. Also, buyers may offer to pay less or more for your property’s appraised or assessed value. We are not responsible for any confusion.

Market Value Scenario

Bob might be interested in selling his property at $300,000. Bob may be willing to sell his property at $300,000.

There are many possible scenarios when it comes to buying a home. The general rule is that the more competitive a market is, the higher the home’s market value.

Factors that appraisers need to consider

Professionals should be consulted regarding the home valuation process. An agent can help you find the right person to give you a professional opinion on the home’s estimated value.

Here are some factors professionals should consider when valuing a home’s interior and exterior.

  • Square footage Home appraised at a higher value if there are more bedrooms than the home is large.
  • Place The more desirable an area, the higher its appraised value tends.
  • Interior design Adding useful features to your home can increase its value.
  • House Age: Homes tend to show substantial wear over the years which can lead to a decline in your home’s value.
  • Landscaping Well-kept, attractive grounds can improve your appraisal value.

In their evaluation of a home, an appraiser will inspect similar homes in the neighborhood.