There are many factors that go into home appraisal to determine the value and condition of a property. The home’s design is an important factor. A home with a beautiful design will often be more valuable than one that is less appealing. This blog will explore the role of home design in home appraisals.

Curb Appeal

A home appraiser will first notice curb appeal when evaluating a house. The curb appeal of a home is a major factor in its value. A well-designed exterior with well-maintained landscaping will help increase a home’s value. An unattractive exterior design, with overgrown landscaping, can reduce a home’s worth.

Layout and flow

A home’s layout and flow can also impact its appraised value. An attractive layout that flows well can help increase the home’s value. A poorly designed layout can reduce the home’s value. For maximum value, the home’s design should consider its function and flow.

Renovations and Upgrades

Upgrades and renovations can also affect the home’s appraisal value. Home with attractive and modern design features, such as granite countertops or stainless steel appliances or custom cabinets, can be more valuable than homes that are outdated or less appealing.


It is also important to consider the lighting design in a home. This can impact the property’s value. A well-lit home, with strategically placed lighting, can create a welcoming atmosphere and increase the home’s value. A home that is poorly lit or lacking in lighting can make the space feel smaller and less inviting, which can lower its value.

Color Scheme

It can have a big impact on the home’s appraisal value. Homebuyers prefer neutral colors such as white, gray, or beige. This can increase a home’s value. A home with too many bright or loud colors can feel overwhelming. This can decrease its value.


An appraisal’s value can be affected by the home’s storage space. A home with sufficient storage space and efficient storage solutions will increase its value. Conversely, homes with inefficient or inadequate storage can reduce their value.

Final Conclusion

A home’s design plays a major role in its value. Design factors such as layout and flow, storage, lighting, color scheme, and lighting can all have an impact on the home’s value. These design elements can help homeowners increase their home’s value and maximize their investment. But it is important to realize that design is only one aspect of a home’s value. Homeowners can learn more about how their home’s design affects its value by consulting an appraiser or trusted real estate agent.