A professional Brooklyn real estate appraisal is a must if you’re considering buying or selling your home, refinancing a mortgage, or doing estate planning. It’s not a formality to establish the property’s value. An appraisal of real estate can provide many benefits, beyond determining a property’s market value. We’ll be discussing some of the hidden benefits that professional real estate appraisals can offer.

Accurate property value:

An accurate appraisal can protect sellers and buyers from over- or undervaluing their property. It is particularly important for people who sell or buy in a market that has a lot of similar properties or where prices change rapidly. Based on their market experience, professional appraisers will give an impartial opinion on the property’s value.

Negotiating Power

You can negotiate with the seller if you have a real estate appraisal. Buyers may be able, if the appraised value is less than the asking price of the property, to negotiate a lower selling price with the seller. If the appraisal is lower than the asking prices, the seller might be able to negotiate with the buyer for a higher price. An appraisal of real estate can be an invaluable tool in helping you to get the best deal.

Peace of Mind

Buyers and sellers alike can have peace of mind by having their real estate appraised. A real estate appraisal can provide peace of mind and help you feel secure that you are making sound investments. A real estate appraisal for buyers can save you from costly surprises, such finding that the property is worth less then you paid.

Estate Planning

An appraisal by a professional is also beneficial for estate planning. An appraisal can give you an accurate valuation of your property. This information is crucial for determining estate taxes and settling estates. It is also useful for determining the fair market value to make charitable real estate donations.

Renovation Planning

An appraisal of your real estate can be very helpful if you plan on doing major renovations. An appraiser can help you determine which renovations will increase the value of your home so you can make educated decisions about where to invest your cash.

Legal Disputes

A real estate appraisal can be used to support a case in court in the unfortunate event that there is a legal dispute. The professional opinion of an appraiser is honored in legal proceedings. It can also help to resolve disputes about property value.


While a real property appraisal may seem like a simple task, there are many benefits to it that go beyond the fact of determining the value of a property. A professional real estate appraisal is a valuable tool that can help buyers and sellers as well as homeowners.