In order to ensure that your home is valued at its maximum, it’s important to prepare the property for appraisal. Nevertheless, real estate agents often make common mistakes which could affect the appraised value. Here are a few common mistakes to avoid when preparing a property for appraisal.

Curb Appeal – Don’t overlook it!

Many homeowners and real-estate agents ignore the importance curb appeal has when preparing their property for appraisal. Curb Appeal is the first impression of a home on a prospective buyer. The value of a property can be increased by a well-maintained lawn, spick and span exterior, or repainted walls. Neglecting your curb appeal could lead to a decrease in the value of your property.

Failing to Document Recent Improved

Most homeowners make improvements to their property, whether it’s adding new appliances or flooring, or renovating bathrooms. Failing to document these improvements can result in a reduced appraisal value. For an appraiser to accurately value the property, they need to know the cost of any recent improvements.

Decluttering Your Property

An appraiser will need to assess the property’s condition and appeal. It can be hard for an appraiser when a home is cluttered up with furniture and personal effects. Clutter may also make the property look smaller than it actually is.

Ignoring necessary repairs

The appraisal value of a property can be affected if there are visible damages, like broken windows or leaky taps. Appraisers note any necessary repairs and calculate their costs when evaluating the property. Ignoring needed repairs can lower the appraisal value.

Being present during the appraisal

Although you might be tempted, it is better to let the appraiser finish their work without distractions. The presence of a homeowner can influence the appraiser and lead to a lower or higher appraisal value.


It can be difficult to prepare a home for appraisal, but by avoiding common mistakes you can get the best price for your house.

If you focus on curb appeal, declutter, make necessary repairs and leave the appraisers to their work, you will get an accurate value for your home. You need to ensure that your appraisal is accurate if you want to sell the property for the right price.