Homeowners preparing their properties for appraisal often focus on improving its structure and functionality, yet may overlook how furniture and decor could impact an appraiser’s evaluation. Though appraisers primarily assess intrinsic values of homes, there has been growing discussion regarding aesthetic influences in shaping valuation outcomes; we explore this phenomenon here in this blog.

Unspoken Influences of Aesthetics

Though home values are determined primarily by factors like structure integrity, size and location, aesthetic appeal cannot be discounted entirely. A well-decorated home may subtly demonstrate better maintenance practices that leave an overall favorable impression with appraisers; humans being human they might tend towards looking favorably upon one that seems well maintained despite being trained objectively.

Furniture Quality as a Measure of Home Care

Furniture and fixtures that complement a home’s architectural style can create a harmonious appearance, increasing its perceived value. High-quality furnishings may indicate to appraisal professionals that you have invested significantly in maintaining and improving your property, reflecting positively in appraisal proceedings.

Decor and the Art of Storytelling

Decor in a home can convey an intimate story that highlights both its value and allure, often through customized artwork or statement pieces that highlight exclusivity of property. Homeowners may add another layer of charm through decor to add appeal that could help influence an appraiser’s valuation subtly.

Utilizing Virtual Staging Platform

Virtual staging services have become an invaluable way for homeowners to showcase the potential of their properties through increased visual appeal. Virtual staging can present them in their best light by showing how space has been best utilized while tastefully selecting furniture and decor that accentuate its features.

Applying Feng Shui and Vastu Principles

Feng Shui or Vastu elements in furniture arrangement and decor arrangements can create a compelling selling proposition for potential homebuyers, with these ancient philosophies focused on harmonizing human existence with surrounding environments, making for an appealing living environment that may attract appraisers as well as buyers.


While appraisals tend to focus on evaluating tangible aspects of property, tasteful furniture and decor can have an outsized influence on its valuation. Homeowners should leverage aesthetic presentation not just to increase value but as a strategy for crafting an engaging narrative about their home; potentially creating favorable appraisal results in turn. A holistic appraisal approach should take into account both tangible and intangible components that affect its valuation.