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A significant portion of wealth in the U.S.A. is held in Real Estate and is part of an estate when a family member dies.

This family member can be an older relative (i.e. great grandparent, grandparent, parent, aunt, uncle, spouse, partner, older sibling, etc.) 

When someone inherits a property, they are experiencing the grief of a loss of a loved one and at the same time they have to manage the estate, which involves making financial decisions. 

As well as handling their own personal day to day responsibilities, those who inherit property have to deal with grief of the loss and handling estate matters Items such as cash, stocks, bonds and life insurance policies can easily be converted into Cash. Real Estate cannot easily convert to Cash.

Here are a few examples…

Examples of Inherited Real Estate are:

  • Family Home 
  • 2nd or Vacation Home 
  • Investment Property 
  • Property used to operate the Family Business 
  • Passive Investment Portfolio
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Common Challenges

Here are some of the common difficulties associated with Inherited Property transactions: 

  1. Liens (Federal, State, Local)
  2. Deferred Maintenance and Upkeep
  3. Occupancy (Family members and Holdover tenants)
  4. Holdover Tenants 
  5. Out of State Beneficiaries
  6. Value Disputes
  7. Disputes between Co-Heirs
  8. Establishing a Value for the Estate


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