Homeowners often wonder if an appraiser can do more than just evaluate their property—can they also provide advice on elevating its value? While an appraiser’s primary role is to assess the current value of a home based on objective criteria, their insights can be a goldmine for owners looking to invest smartly in their homes. This blog will unpack the potential guidance an appraiser may offer and suggest innovative ways to harness this knowledge for home value growth.

The Appraiser’s Insight

Understanding the Appraiser’s Boundaries

Appraisers are bound by a code of ethics that focuses on providing an unbiased valuation of a property. However, understanding the factors that they consider can indirectly guide you in making value-boosting decisions.

The Power of Questions

Post-appraisal, homeowners can ask appraisers about general factors that influence home value. While they may not provide specific renovation advice, they can highlight which areas of your home could benefit from improvement.

Reading Between the Lines

Review your appraisal report in detail. The documented factors that lowered your valuation are clear indicators of where your investment could enhance your home’s worth.

Strategies for Value Growth

  • Energy Efficiency: Appraisers note energy-efficient features that could lower utility costs. Investing in such improvements could be beneficial.
  • Market Trends: Stay informed about local real estate market trends, which appraisers consider in their valuation, to understand what features are currently adding value in your area.
  • Curb Appeal: Enhancing curb appeal can have a significant impact. While appraisers don’t assign a dollar value to landscaping, a well-maintained exterior can positively influence their assessment of the property’s condition.


While appraisers may not directly advise on how to increase your home’s value, their assessments can serve as a roadmap for strategic improvements. By aligning your home enhancement efforts with the factors appraisers consider important, you can indirectly use their expertise to guide your investment decisions, paving the way for increased property value.