When preparing for a home appraisal, homeowners often ponder the impact of their home’s cleanliness on the final valuation. It’s a common belief that a sparkling clean house may translate to a higher appraisal value, while a cluttered space could negatively affect it.

However, the connection between a home’s tidiness and its appraised value isn’t as straightforward as one might think. In this blog, we’ll explore how cleanliness might play a role in the appraisal process and how to best prepare your home for an evaluator’s visit.

The Psychology of First Impressions

First impressions can be influential. A clean and orderly home may not directly increase its appraised value, but it can indirectly affect an appraiser’s perception of the property’s condition. A well-maintained home can suggest diligent upkeep, potentially leading to a more favorable assessment of the home’s overall condition.

Clutter vs. Condition: Understanding the Difference

Appraisers are trained to look beyond the superficial clutter and assess the home’s actual physical condition. Temporary messiness, like laundry or dishes, typically doesn’t impact an appraisal. However, signs of neglect that contribute to wear and tear — such as permanent stains, odors, or damaged floors — might.

Minor Adjustments for a Positive Effect

While a clean home might not increase your valuation, small efforts can make a big difference. Clearing pathways, ensuring good lighting, and minimizing distractions allow an appraiser to move through your home easily and assess essential features without obstruction.

Strategic Cleaning for Appraisal Success

Focus your cleaning efforts on areas that reflect the home’s maintenance. Cleaning HVAC filters, wiping down windows, and dusting off surfaces can highlight a well-maintained property. Address any minor repairs you’ve been postponing, as these could affect the appraiser’s view on the home’s condition.


Ultimately, while a clean house might not directly sway the appraised value, a messy one can obscure an appraiser’s view of the home and potentially highlight maintenance issues. A tidy and well-kept home allows an appraiser to do their job effectively, ensuring that your property is evaluated based on its true and full potential. Prior to an appraisal, a clean environment can serve as the perfect backdrop for showcasing your home’s best features and solid overall maintenance.