Homeowners looking to sell or refinance their property often view the appraisal as a pivotal moment in determining their home’s market value. Many might wonder if the appraiser, with their wealth of knowledge on property values, can offer advice on boosting the home’s worth. While appraisers are primarily there to assess, not consult, there are nuanced ways in which they can provide insights that help you understand how to enhance your property’s value. This blog will explore the delicate balance between appraisal and advice and how you might glean valuable tips from this process.

The Role of an Appraiser: Assessment Over Advice

An appraiser’s main objective is to provide an unbiased valuation of your property based on current market data and the physical state of your home. Ethical standards typically prevent them from providing direct improvement suggestions during the appraisal. However, understanding the factors they assess can give you insight into potential enhancements.

Reading Between the Lines of Your Appraisal Report

While appraisers won’t hand you a renovation checklist, the appraisal report can act as a roadmap. Dissecting the report’s details on comparable homes and your property’s shortcomings can indirectly suggest areas where improvements might increase value.

Learning From Observation

Pay attention during the appraisal. Appraisers measure, examine, and take notes on various aspects of properties. Observing which features they focus on and the questions they ask can indirectly guide you on what might add value to your home.

Inquiring About General Trends

While appraisers can’t offer tailored improvement advice, they might discuss general trends they’ve observed in the market. Questions about trends, not specific advice, can sometimes lead to valuable general insights that could inform your home improvement decisions.


Though appraisers can’t provide direct advice on increasing your home’s value due to professional boundaries, the information they compile and your observations during the appraisal can serve as indirect guidance. Analyzing your appraisal report and staying attuned to market trends discussed by the appraiser can equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about potential home improvements that could boost your property’s market value in the future.